Structure & Function Education is an education company dedicated to bridging the gap from rehab to performance. Structure & Function Education provides world class education services to healthcare and sport performance professionals, so they in turn can elevate the lives of their patients.

We offer in-person and online courses specializing in dry needling, fascial manipulation, athletic training, athletic performance and physical rehabilitation.

Online Courses

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Dry Needling Courses

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Fascial Manipulation Courses

Learn more about our in-person Fascial Manipulation® Method by Stecco courses

Bridging the Gap Courses

Learn more about our courses based on Sue’s book Bridging the Gap: From Rehab to Performance.

Our Pentamodal Method

Structure & Function Education’s Dry Needling follows a Pentamodal Method, resulting in a comprehensive approach to Dry Needling. Dry Needling is simply an extension of our practice. Our practice is holistic and patient centered. Therefore, we feel as though our dry needling interventions should also be holistic and patient centered. We believe Pain Generators can come from several structures in the body, and at times, there may be no identifiable pain generator at all. Having the understanding, knowledge and ability to alter our intervention based on the patient is vital to our dry needling practice. Our Pentamodal Method allows the clinician to decide which area needs to be addressed based on examination findings.

Our Dry Needling Courses

Structure & Function Education’s Dry Needling Curriculum is the most comprehensive dry needling curriculum in the market. Our Core Classes will teach you the fundamental skills needed to safely and effectively dry needle, while our Comprehensive Concepts and Special Populations Courses will teach you how to use dry needling in specific patient populations with the tools you are already using in your practice.

A Message From Sue

Hi, my name is Sue Falsone, and I’m the founder and owner of Structure & Function: Education. S&F is all about bridging the gap from rehab to performance. How do we truly get our athlete from table to field? … Watch my video to learn!

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