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Course description: In this 25-hour lab-based course, the clinician will learn a diagnosis-focused approach to dry needling. The clinician will learn fundamental skills necessary for safe and proper needle insertion and removal, as well as effective strategies to manage commonly encountered pathologies in orthopedic and sport rehabilitation. Safety considerations are emphasized. Current science and research will be presented, along with a vast amount of clinical experience and pearls, allowing immediate application of dry needling into the clinicians’ professional practice. The use of cupping and intramuscular electrical stimulation will also be discussed, demonstrated and practiced in class.

This course is 25 contact hours .

Course tuition is $1,295 .

Course hours are Friday and Saturday 8 am – 6 pm , and Sunday 8 am – 5 pm unless otherwise specified.

Course Objectives

The incorporation of those specific three soft tissue techniques enables:

  • Adhere to safe needling techniques, including universal precautions and bloodborne pathogen education per the CDC and/or OSHA.
  • Integrate surface anatomy palpation and layered anatomy application for safety considerations when inserting a dry needle into a patient.
  • List the contraindications and precautions for dry needling, intramuscular electrical stimulation and cupping application.
  • Master application of dry needling techniques for common orthopedic pathologies and sport related dysfunctions.
  • Master application of intramuscular electrical stimulation for the common orthopedic pathologies and sport related dysfunctions.
  • Master application of three different cupping techniques based on desired physiological or clinical outcome.

After the course, students will know how to combine three techniques: dry needling, electrical stimulation with dry needling, and cupping in order to treat common pathologies seen within orthopedic and sports medicine.

Recommended Supplies

The following items are recommended to bring to the course with you:

  1. Supply: TENS unit
  2. Supply: Alligator Clips
  3. Book: Any Anatomy Book

Needles are provided for in class use.

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Gio V says:

Sue is knowledgeable and pays great attention to detail when applying dry needling. She ensures all of her students’ respect, and patient safety when performing dry needling.

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