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Dry Needling Courses in Irving, Texas

[shaker_image]Structure & Function: Dry Needling (SFDN) is an education enterprise focused on introducing dry needling techniques to sports and medical practitioners, managed by Sue Falsone. She teaches seminars across the United States to empower health care professionals. They offer a twenty-five hour dry needling class all over America, with events in Irving, Texas. Over 3 days, the class teaches topics on the important dry needling techniques for treating various acute and chronic ailments in professional athletes.


About Dry Needling and Sue Falsone

[shaker_image]Dry needling, as a blend of skill and art, is done by an expert health professional who works with dry needles to stimulate the athlete’s muscles. At SFDN, founder and CEO Sue Falsone launched a hands-on dry needling approach called SFDN! Over the course of her years in the field, Sue Falsone garnered a tremendous amount of experience which she used to develop her dry needling system. Sue Falsone worked as Head Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a period where she served as the first female Head Athletic Coach in all of the four most popular sports in America. She also worked as the Head Athletic Coach for the United States Men’s National Soccer team.

Course Objectives

The course wants to allow the health care professional:

  • to understand safe acupuncture needle usage practices, and avoid risk of exposure to blood borne diseases;
  • to get to know the anatomies of the patient in order to ensure their safety as the practitioner is practicing dry needling;
  • to use intramuscular stimulation when treating different orthopedic and sports-related pathologies; and to excel in the use of vacuum therapy techniques.
  • to be sure the health professional knows of the contraindications and precautions in regards to dry needling;
  • to allow the clinicians to use dry needling techniques when curing different orthopedic and sports-related injuries;

After the course is over, the participants will manage to combine their new skills to treat various problems within the fields of orthopedic and sports medicine.

Course Information

The fee for the seminars is one thousand two hundred ninety five dollars, but one person may participate in the course for free when their club or facility brings 10 other participants. It is advisable that participants take a few specific things along with them to class: a TENS unit, alligator clips, and a book teaching the human anatomy. The staff will provide the needles for all participants to use in class. In addition to currently approving Continued Education Units for their future courses, SFDN is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education services to licensed Athletic Trainers. In some professions, Continuing Education Units are mandatory for to keep on working in their industry.

Continuing education activities certified by ProCert for Physiotherapists are currently offered here for 26 Continuing Education Units: Irving, Texas. Further, National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA BOC) (P10069) provides the means to get 25 CEUs, Arizona Physical Therapy Association 2.5 Continuing Education Units, and Georgia Physical Therapy Association 25 Continuing Education Units.

How to Host a Class

If they want to host a dry needling course, physical therapists and other health care experts can apply to do so on the SFDNís web site. SFDN’s dry needling seminars provide the newest approach to the art of dry needling, and also intramuscular stimulation and cupping. Sue Falsone used her skills and experience gained at the forefront of her field, to incorporate dry needling, pain management, differential diagnosis, fascial manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, visceral manipulation, and movement efficacy into the dry needling approach as of now sought after and praised across the US.

When using the SFDN system, aside from expanding the overall repository of sports rehabilitation knowledge, students will know how to better the treatment of their athletes and patients.

Get in Contact

To get more information about dry needling seminars held by SFDN, go to our web site and go through the schedule of our future classes.
You may contact Sue Falsone and her crew by using the Contact us section of our webpage, by telephone at (602) 888-1998, or by dropping them an e-mail, as listed here on our Contact page.


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