Dry Needling Courses in Lakewood, Colorado

[shaker_image]Sue Falsone started the enterprise, Structure & Function: Dry Needling, in order to educate and teach dry needling to health care professionals. She organizes lectures all over the US to better the expertise of medical professionals. SFDN offers a 25 hour dry needling course all over America, with events in Lakewood! Over the course of three days, the class offers lectures on the use of essential dry needling approaches to curing a number of acute or chronic conditions in athletes. Throughout the seminar program, Sue Falsone also teaches ways to use cupping and intramuscular electrical stimulation (abbreviated: IMS).


Who is Sue Falsone and What is Dry Needling?

Combining the art and science of dry needling, an experienced certified physiotherapist uses dry needles to prick the epidermis and stimulate the athlete’s muscles. Sue Falsone, the woman behind the company and CEO of Structure and Function Dry Needling, started a hands-on dry needling concept that is called Structure and Function Dry Needling, which shares a name with her organization! This approach is regarded as a combination of skills Sue Falsone introduced and perfected over several years in the field. Sue Falsoneís experience includes stints as Head Athletic Coach for the LA Dodgers organization, a period where she was the first woman to assume the role of Head Athletic Trainer in any of the 4 major sports in the United States. She also worked as the Head Athletic Coach for the American Men’s National Soccer team.

Course Curriculum

The objectives of the course are the following:

  • to understand proper needle usage practices, and eliminate potential blood borne diseases;
  • to better understand the external anatomy of the patient in regards to his safety while using dry needles;
  • to employ intramuscular stimulation when treating different sports-related pathologies; and to excel when using vacuum therapy techniques.
  • to point out to the clinician the contraindications and precautions for using said technique;
  • to teach proper use of dry needling techniques in curing common sports-related ailments;

Upon completion of the course, the practitioners will be proficient in the use of their newly learned abilities, and will manage to use them to treat their athletes.

Information Regarding the Courses

[shaker_image]The price for the classes is $1295, but one person can participate in the course at no charge when their sports club or facility registers 10 other course participants. It is recommended that the practitioners bring a couple of specific items along with them: a TENS unit, alligator clips, and a human anatomy book. Dry needles for use in class will be given to everyone by the class staff. Structure & Function: Dry Needling is licensed by the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) to provide continuing education to licensed Athletic Trainers and is as of this moment in the process of approving CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Continuing Education Units are required by those working in various fields to retain their working licenses.

Continuing education courses certified by ProCert for Physiotherapists are presently offered at these places and award 26 Continuing Education Units: Lakewood. As well as mentioned above, NATA BOC (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) (P10069) provides the ability to earn 25 CEUs, Arizona Physical Therapy Association two and a half Continuing Education Units, and Georgia Physical Therapy Association twenty-five Continuing Education Units.

How to Host a Course

[shaker_image]Physiotherapists and many other medical professionals who are interested in hosting an event may do so after they fill out the form and submit an application on the SFDN’s web site. Our dry needling events provide the modern approach to the art of dry needling, as well as intramuscular stimulation and cupping. Sue Falsone brought forth her knowledge and expertise garnered at the highest levels in the industry, to blend pain management, dry needling, fascial manipulation, visceral manipulation, movement efficiency, soft tissue mobilization, and differential diagnosis to form the dry needling system now respected and praised throughout America.

In using the Structure & Function method, apart from increasing the overall foundation of sports therapy skills, clinicians are able to offer their patients more refined and higher quality treatment.

Sign Up For a Course

Visit Structure & Function: Dry needling’s web page if you want to find out more about our upcoming courses; on our website.
You may reach out to Sue Falsone and her employees by using the Contact us form on our website, by phone at (602) 888-1998, or by dropping them an email, as stated here on our Contact page.

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