Dry Needling Courses in Richmond, Virginia

[shaker_image]Sue Falsone founded the business, Structure & Function: Dry Needling, in order to introduce dry needling to sports professionals. She coordinates classes throughout America to improve the expertise of sports professionals. SFDN offers dry needling classes, twenty-five hrs in length, in Richmond and other major towns throughout the US! Over 3 days, the course provides training sessions on using important dry needling techniques on handling a number of acute or serious issues in athletes.


Who is Sue Falsone and What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling, a mix of skill and art, is done by an expert medical professional who works with acupuncture needles to stimulate the professional athlete’s muscles. At SFDN, creator and CEO Sue Falsone launched a hands-on dry needling system that goes by SFDN. Over the course of her years in the field, Sue Falsone garnered a tremendous amount of experience which she used to perfect her dry needling approach. As an original leader in her field of expertise, Sue was Head Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, which made her the very first woman in the position of Head Athletic Trainer in the 4 most important sports in the United States. The the US Men’s National Soccer team also perceived her skills and offered her the role of Head Athletic Trainer.

Course Objectives

The course was designed for the health care professional:

  • to use dry needling techniques in curing prevalent orthopedic and sports-related pathologies;
  • to be able to apply intramuscular stimulation in curing everyday orthopedic problems; and learn different cupping techniques.
  • to better comprehend the surface anatomy of the patient regarding his well-being when working with needles;
  • to be able to work with dry needles in a safe manner, and also adhere to health guidelines and regulations;
  • to show the clinician the contraindications and precautions while using the aforementioned technique;

When the course is finished, the participants will be confident enough to combine their newfound skills to cure varying problems and issues within the fields of orthopedic and sports medicine.

Class Info

The fee for the course is $1295, although one person may attend the class for free when their sports club or club sings up 10 other course participants. course participants are encouraged to bring these things: a book about human anatomy (edition and author not specified), a TENS unit, as well as alligator clamps. Dry needles for use in class will be supplied to all students by the course staff. SFDN is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) to provide continuing education services to licensed Athletic Trainers and is at this moment in the process of approving CEUs. CEUs are required by those working in all sorts of fields to keep their professional licenses.

Continuing education classes certified by ProCert for Physiotherapists are presently available at these places and award 26 Continuing Education Units: Richmond, Virginia. Further, NATA BOC (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) (P10069) provides the means to get twenty-five CEUs, Arizona Physical Therapy Association 2.5 Continuing Education Units, and Georgia Physical Therapy Association twenty-five CEUs.

Info Regarding How to Host a Course

[shaker_image]If they want to host a dry needling course, physiotherapists and other health care professionals can sign up to do so. The newest information about intramuscular stimulation, dry needling, and cupping is taught in Structure & Function: Dry Needling’s events. The outstanding and highly regarded dry needling system developed by Sue Falsone draws on her few decades of hard work in order to serve as a quality blend of pain management, dry needling, fascial manipulation, visceral manipulation, movement efficacy, soft tissue mobilization, and differential diagnosis.

Making use of the newest methodology and info allows practitioners to better their knowledge in dealing with the many pathologies in athletes’ recovery, and expand the overall skills of health care professionals in sport.

Contact Us

Visit Structure & Function: Dry needling’s website in case you want to hear more info about our upcoming courses; on our website.
You will be able to get in touch with Sue Falsone and her employees via the Contact us section of our web page, by phone at (602) 888-1998, or by forwarding an email, as stated on our Contact page.

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