COVID Policy

Structure & Function Education will use CDC guidance and local clinic public health guidance when managing policies related to COVID-19. Dry needling is an invasive medical procedure that requires specific, intensive, in-person training by state boards, to assure patient safety and clinical effectiveness.  Therefore, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Structure & Function Education has adopted very specific safety policies and procedural processes to protect our students and teachers from infection. Structure & Function Education guidelines are as follows:

Prior to the course:

During the course:

  • If a participant learns that they have been exposed, or diagnosed, with COVID-19 within a 5-day period after completion of the course they agree to contact S&F immediately so that the other course participants can be notified.
  • Hand sanitizer/sink to wash hands will be available at each course.
  • Wearing of hand/ finger barriers will be required. 
  • The treatment tables should be disinfected regularly.  Proper table cleaner will be provided for individual use.

These safety measures were put in place based on the current information and guidelines and will be strictly enforced.  As new information and guidelines become available, we will modify our procedures to assure the highest level of safety and compliance with health and government requirements.

Participants that refuse to follow safety guidelines will be asked to leave the course and can reschedule at a later date when guideline changes better suit their needs.

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