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I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their clinical toolbox and learn a new, highly effective, and results driven technique.

Daniel O

Sue’s knowledge of dry needling and excellent teaching ability make this technique accessible and safe

Karen P

Sue created a comfortable environment for personal enrichment and professional growth. I look forward incorporating these new skills immediately into my practice.

Jeremy N

In the University / collegiate athletic setting it is vital to have your best athletes available all the time and have time efficient treatments. Dry Needling is a game changer in that setting.

Barry Lippman ATC

Highly recommend this course to professionals in Sports Medicine. Sue is incredibly knowledgable, and presents dry needling in a safe way. I feel confident to apply the techniques I learned to my practice immediately.

Jaime H

Excellent course. Sue’s knowledge, energy, and passion made the course a great learning experience and added a tool to my skill set that I can use with my athletes.

Joe R

Sue explains and demonstrates things in a very clear and practical way.

Cindy Schmidt PT

Sue is knowledgeable and pays great attention to detail when applying dry needling. She ensures all of her students’ respect, and patient safety when performing dry needling.

Gio V

Cutting edge technique that I can take back and use immediately. This will change my practice.

Mary PT - Omaha, NE

Incredibly practical approach to dry needling. This is really going to help our athletes.

Kris Bosch PT, AT

Sue is a great teacher and I had techniques and skills I could integrate into my treatments right away.

Laurence Truet PT

Excellent explanations and demonstrations of technique with much appreciated focus on safe practice of dry needling with ample time to practice. Introduction to cupping was a wonderful adjunct.

Maribeth C

Sue does a tremendous job of creating an environment for learning that is both fun and extremely effective.

Matt Kinne PT

It was a delight to learn from Sue. She is a professional role model for the PT/ ATC female field.

A. S.

Sue presented excellent material related to dry needling and cupping that was research-based. Her background gives you a perspective that allows you to immediately apply the techniques to your patient population.

Josh B

Even after needling for several years, I still came away with jewels of treatment.

Laurie Johnson PT

Very practical and applicable to practice setting for sport performance.

Terri Jo Rucinski Athletic Trainer, UNC - Chapel Hill

This was a great course. Lots of information and enough practice to feel confident going forward.

Megan O

My experience with dry needling has been nothing but positive. Sue has a gift of teaching in a manner in which a somewhat intimidating topic comes to life. She is one of those teachers who truly cares about her students and the subject matter in which she teaches. She is a joy to be around and makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her.

Ted Kamp DPT

A must-do for anyone working in the athletic performance setting!

Bobby P

Sue Falsone is a great practical instructor who has changed the way I practice from this day forward

Ed LaCara AT / DC / PhD
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