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Bridging the Gap

What is Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance?

S&F Education was started in September, 2016 by Sue Falsone. It was started out of a need to create an integrated and welcoming space for physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, strength coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, medical personnel, nutritionists, sport scientists, researchers and clinicians.

S&F was started out of a need for inclusion in this complicated day and age of healthcare and sport performance.

No one person … no matter what letters they have after their name … can do it all.

From the time an athlete is injured, to the time they return to the field, so many variables need to be considered. What is causing the athletes’ pain? What is contributing to the athletes’ pain? What can be done physiologically, biomechanically, neurologically to help this athlete get out of pain and return to the field? How can we take the infinite number of variables, decide on which are most important to address, and then address them in a systematic, progressive fashion?

Well, if someone had these answers, we would all be doing them. But these answers don’t exist. At least not yet.

We know that structure dictates our function. And we know that function can eventually dictate our structure. The two are inseparable. We must acknowledge, respect and know our anatomy. We must realize that our anatomy will heavily dictate how we move. And we must recognize that our repetitive movement patters will dictate how we hold ourselves, our posture, and eventually, make structural changes to accommodate this repetitive movement.

Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance is about creating a systematic approach to returning an injured athlete to play. It is not about drinking the “kool-aid” from any one approach. It is not about utilizing one tool for every problem that presents itself. It is about arming yourself with as many tools as possible, to be able to use what is ethically necessary for the problem at hand. Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance is about seeking the common ground among the schools of thought (because there is a lot of common ground) to truly see what is important across the board, despite the “guru” you may choose follow.

Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance is a thought process. It is not a solution. It encourages reasoning. It does not follow a recipe. It seeks researched truths, but it values clinical experience and clinical evidence as well.

Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance is a mindset.

We look forward to bringing you Bridging the Gap course work in the near future. Look out for the book Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance, to be out Summer of 2017.

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