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Fascial Manipulation® Method by Stecco

Overview of the Fascial Manipulation® Method

Fascial Manipulation® is a manual therapy that has been developed by Luigi Stecco PT, in collaboration with his children Carla Stecco and Antonio Stecco (both MDs, PhDs), over the last 40 years. Focusing on fascia and in particular the deep muscular fascia. FM considers the myofascial system as a three-dimensional continuum.

This method presents a complete biomechanical model that assists in deciphering the role of fascia in musculoskeletal disorders. In recent years, both Carla and Antonio Stecco have carried out extensive research into the anatomy and histology of the fascia via dissection of unembalmed cadavers in Italy and other countries. These dissections have provided new histological and anatomical data including the existence of myotendinous expansions between segments, the multi-layered structure of deep fascia and the abundant innervation of this tissue by mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings.

The mainstay of the manual method developed by Luigi Stecco lies in the identification of specific, localized areas of the fascia in connection with specific limited movements. Once a limited or painful movement is identified, then a specific point on the fascia is implicated and through the appropriate manipulation of this precise part of the fascia, movement can be restored.

Fascial Manipulation Course Program

The Fascial Manipulation® course program consists of three levels of intensive hands-on courses.  Each course day gives the practitioner a set of combining theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practice.  Two Master level classes allow for additional in-depth study. The conclusion of the program is Fascial Manipulation® Certification exam.

Participants will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal and internal dysfunctions with specific reference to the human fascial system, and to apply the Fascial Manipulation® method as taught by Luigi Stecco. Lectures include the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, an explanation of the biomechanical model used in application of this technique, and the anatomical localization of key fascial points. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal and internal dysfunctions (from history taking, to a hypothesis, to a verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.

Courses Offerings and Certification Path

The full program consists of three levels :

  1. Fascial Manipulation® Level 1 (FM-1)
  2. Fascial Manipulation® Level 2 (FM-2)
  3. Fascial Manipulation® Level 3 (FM-3)

Successful completion of the FM-1 course is required before being able to attend the FM-2 course and successful completion of the FM-2 course is required to attend the FM-3 course.

Completion of the FM Level 1 does provide clinical proficiency for a wide range of common dysfunctions.

Each course level is divided into two parts. Both parts are required to complete the course level.

  • Level 1 has FM-1a and FM-1b
  • Level 2 has FM-2a and FM-2b
  • Level 3 has FM-3a and FM-3b.

Each level is designed to give participants adequate time (4-6 weeks) to practice the newly acquired assessment and treatment techniques before returning to the second half of the course for fine-tuning of the method.

Are there additional Advance Courses to take?

Yes! In addition to the Fascial Manipulation Course Program there are Master Level classes for practitioners that have completed FM-2 and FM-3.

  • Fascial Manipulation® Master Class level 2 (FM- MC2)
  • Fascial Manipulation® Master Class level 3 (FM-MC3)

Master Class levels are not required to take the Fascial Manipulation® Certification exam. To attend a Master Level class you must have successfully completed its prerequisites.

  • FM Level 2 is required to attend FM-MC2.
  • FM Level 3 is required to attend FM-MC3.

For information on the Master classes please see the main Fascial Manipulation® websites.

Who can benefit from these courses?

The Fascial Manipulation® course series is intended for physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical doctors, and other licensed health care practitioners with a good working knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology and notions of postural analysis. Health care practitioners with a minimum of three years of post-high school education may be eligible but need to contact us prior to registering to review their eligibility.

What more information on the courses?

Look at the Fascial Manipulation Method Course Curriculum page. It has descriptions for each course and links to detailed course pages. The detailed course pages will show course dates for that course or you can browse all of our course listings.

Do you have additional questions about FM?

Please review our frequently asked questions list. It answers common questions from practitioners and patients about the treatment process and other areas.

If you are a health care practitioner and want more information about taking one of your courses, please use our contact form.

Structure and Function Education does not provide healthcare services and is an education company. If you are a patient looking for a healthcare practitioner that offers treatment, please use the SFE Practitioner Finder or the FM Global Practitioner Finder.

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