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SFDN Certified - David Ehrmantraut

Dr. David Ehrmantraut completed the dry needling certification program and is SFDN Certified!

He’s officially SFDN Certified! This month Dr. David Ehrmantraut has completed all of the requirements for our dry needling certification program, including multiple courses, case studies and exams, and has obtained the SFDN designation!

Learn about Dr. Dave and how he uses the S&F Pentamodal Method in his practice and why he chose to get certified with Structure & Function Education.

1. When did you first become interested in dry needling?

I had acquired an injury that ended up tearing the long thoracic nerve and had caused loss of function to the serratus anterior and unrelenting muscle spasm on the right lower paraspinals and other related muscles. Through the use of chiropractic, massage and electrotherapy I could get relief for 24-36 hours only and after 6 months of care. I was treating an acupuncturist at the time that does dry needling and I relented and allowed her to treat me as I thought it was archaic treatment. One treatment took the spasm out for almost 4 days!  At that point, I knew I had to learn dry needling.

2. Why did you choose to further your dry needling education and get certified with Structure & Function Education?

The passion that I’ve seen out of the leadership and teachers has lit a fire within me. When realizing that the SFDN Certification was available and I could pick up continuing credits, I was sold.

3. How has the Pentamodal method influenced your dry needling practice?

The Pentamodal Method allows me to take the entire problem area into consideration. In practice, say it’s a hip injury, I will correct hip misalignment, iliofemoral joint and other neurologically related areas structurally. Next, I will dry needling the hip and other related neurologic levels such as along L5-S1. I will also treat areas along the sciatic nerve and utilize Primary Passive Trigger Points to release regions.

4. How do you currently use dry needling in your practice? And how do you combine dry needling with manipulation or other treatment modalities?

I currently suggest dry needling to patients with injuries to soft tissues and to chronic patients that have accepted a pro quo status because, most of the time, we can get them to the next level. I will typically correct alignment of the spine and other related joint followed by dry needling to involved tissues. I also use an electrostim pulse through the inserted needle.

Learn more about Dr. Dave and his clinical practice at the Chiropractic Centers of Erie & Longmont.

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