She’s certified in dry needling! Find out how Jill uses dry needling in her clinical practice.

Jill Wosmek has completed the dry needling certification and have received the SFDN designation! She has been part of our community for a long time and is dedicated to her work. She currently works in an integrated sports medicine clinic within Sports Academy and is part of the leadership to help influence and grow the clinic. She also works with the Los Angeles Rams football team as their primary dry needler and her specialty is primarily advanced manual therapies and return to sport rehabilitation.

Learn more about Jill and her dry needling practice in our brief Q&A below.

1. How do you currently use dry needling in your practice and do you combine dry needling with manipulation or other treatment modalities?

I am using dry needling in a few different avenues, primarily with chronic pain situations in my clinic and a bit more recovery-based with my pro-athlete population. When I started needling, I was working with USA Volleyball and was having great results with both acute and chronic pain on our hyper-mobile athletes. I am a firm believer in varying my manual therapies and continuing to assess and re-assess to see where we can continue to make progress. Each individual is different and I want to respect the individual responses and progressions throughout our programs. I also practice cupping, ART and Graston… so dry needling has been a great complement to those works.

2. How has the Structure & Function Education Pentamodal Method influenced your dry needling practice?

Studying the Pentamodal Method, as well as challenging myself to articulate my own treatment practice has been an awesome journey. The unknowns are no longer a barrier and seem more as a challenge. Specifically, with myofascial pain, dry needling and those concepts of needling in the 5 categories has been a game changer for me and my patients.  

3. Why did you choose to learn dry needling with Structure & Function Education?

I have been a fan and mentored from afar by Sue’s work.  I choose Structure & Function Education based on the principles that are broke down systematically and enveloped in your own individual practice.  The practical application can seem elementary and complex all at the same time depending on your approach and philosophies.  Dry needling is just one tool, but the thought process around it challenges everything from your assessment to rehabilitation progressions. 

4. Jill, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

When I first started exploring dry needling, I was selflessly looking for a way to add value back to my athletes in any way I could. The more I grow and learn the intricacies of this modality, I am grateful for the platform and practicality that S&F provides. I am challenged by the science as well as encouraged by the simplicity. S&F creates a great collaboration of professionals growing together!

Thank you Jill for your dedication and support! Congratulations on completed the certification!

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