Welcome to the Structure & Function Education online course listing for dry needling classes. These courses are intended for practitioners who currently have dry needling in their practice, allowing a deeper dive into a specific topic to enhance the knowledge and application of dry needling within Structure & Function’s Pentamodal Method. Those practitioners who do not have dry needling in their practice, but are interested in learning more about the potential application of this modality are welcome to enjoy these courses, with the understanding of the following disclaimers:


These online courses DO NOT teach you needle specific techniques or specific needle application, nor are they a substitute for in-person dry needling instruction. Each course provides a theoretical discussion with practical application for those who already have needling experience, or for those who would generally like to learn about dry needling and its use.


These courses DO NOT satisfy state licensure requirements to allow you to practice dry needling, and are for continuing education purposes only for those already licensed to practice dry needling in one or more states. Please refer to your state practice act for rules and regulations associated with obtaining and maintaining a license to practice dry needling in your state, according to your health care license.

Applying Pain Science to Clinical Practice

In this course, we discuss the different types of pain and how needling with the use of electrical stimulation can enhance your patient reported outcome measures when treating clients in pain.  This physiology heavy course describes the mechanisms behind different types of pain, and how we can manipulate these processes with different types of needling and electrical stimulation frequencies.

Dry Needling for Recovery and Regeneration

This course is a replay of Sue’s talk at the 2019 Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. She talks about why recovery and regeneration is important for the athlete and how needling can enhance this physiological process of recovery.  This course is not intended to give a practitioner a protocol for needling for recovery, however, these details are discussed in our in-person SFDN2 coursework. SFDN1 is a prerequisite to take SFDN2.

Systemic Effects of Dry Needling

Those of you who have taken SFDN1 know we talk about the basics of physiology, so you can begin to explore the WHY behind your needling practice. In this course, we take a deeper dive into the systemic effects of needling, underlying physiological process of why needling works, and explore recent literature on the same subjects. If you left SFDN1 wanting more physiology, here is your chance to learn more. If you haven’t taken SFDN1, begin to explore the basis of our teaching right here.

Additional Courses Coming Soon!

Structure and Function Education is working to release additional courses. If you want to be informed please sign up for our newsletter.

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