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Online Education Course Listings

Structure & Function Education has expanded into Online Education powered by Thinkific. The courses are separate from our in-person course work, which means if you haven’t taken an in-person course with S&F Education, you are welcome to start exploring here! If you have taken one of our in-person courses, we hope these classes will enhance your learning and allow you to dive deep into specific topics that are not detailed in class.

All of the online education course work can be taken in any order, allowing a practitioner to customize their continuing education needs. The Online Education Program is divided into three categories.

Introductory Courses
Bridging The Gap Courses
Dry Needling Courses

Bridging the Gap Courses

Structure & Function Education mission is to provides world class education services to healthcare and sport performance professionals, so they in turn can elevate the lives of their patients. It is here in our Bridging The Gap courses that we will explore any and all topics in the fields of rehab and sport performance. Our Bridging the Gap courses are about rehabbing a patient back into performance, whether they are a professional athlete or a regular person. There are courses for general therapy skills, like cupping, as well as lessons based on each chapter of Sue’s book, “Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance“.

The BTG Chapter courses are an in-depth home study of the book. Each course delves into a specific chapter of the book. Sue started with the most talked about chapters first but all chapters will be part of the home study course.

The other courses are general therapy course that will allow you to explore everything from evaluation and assessment techniques, rehab options, and strength and conditioning.

Dry Needling Courses


These courses are NOT intended to teach you a specific dry needling technique and do not satisfy the requirements that would allow you to practice dry needling in your state. They are intended to supplement someone’s current dry needling practice and knowledge, taking a clinicians knowledge and current application to another level.

These courses were created to enhance your understanding and application of dry needling.  They are heavily focused on physiology, research reviews and theory/ application.

Introductory Courses

These courses offer a student to get to know the Structure & Function Education team and sample our offerings. They don’t have to be taken in a specific order and are for any skill level.  And best of all, they are FREE! Enjoy!

Find all the Introductory Classes and Webinars here.

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